What Is Agile Parenting?

We came across the concept of “agile parenting” after viewing this TED talk by Bruce Feiler. He discusses a relatively new idea in the field of parenting—the idea that rules and habits in families should be constantly adapted and changed according to the needs of both the kids and the parents.

To employ agile parenting, parents should take the time each week to sit down and have a meeting with their kids. In this meeting, they can discuss the pros and cons of behavior and general family practices that week. Kids have the opportunity to decide for themselves what punishments should be enforced if they break certain rules. Empowering them in this way is said to bring forth better behavior than parents simply enforcing their own self-determined rules.

Basically, agile parenting works around principles of project management. It takes into consideration the fact that one size rarely fits all, and every child is different—therefore, adapting your parenting style to the child in question will help facilitate the best behavior and attitude in him or her.

Principles of agile parenting

According to this article by Geof Lory, there are two important principles of agile parenting:

1. Be situationally specific

2. Choose people over things, and values over tasks.

If you’re struggling to improve your kids’ behavior, why not consider trying out some agile parenting methods? Get the little ones more involved, and see how it affects their motivation to behave well.

Have you ever employed tactics of agile parenting in your home or classroom? Let us know in the comments below!