Tips for Tasty Tuesday – Week of the Young Child

Tasty Tuesday is the second day of the Week of the Young Child.  This day is geared towards creating healthy choices that are simple and fun for not only the children but for families as well.  Cooking with children can be lots of fun and tasty for classrooms. Cooking together connects math with literacy skills, science, and more. With the rise in childhood obesity, you can encourage healthy nutritious snacks and meals at schools and fitness habits in the classroom. `When children are invited at school to eat healthy they take that information back to their home.  When teaching children about the importance of eating healthy, they take that information home to their families.  After parents are informed on how to make quick and healthy meals and what is the truth about eating healthy, then you will have healthy families.  The following are tips to help encourage healthy eating and exercise with children and families.


  • Tasty Healthy Classroom Snacks

    • When you as a teacher create healthy snacks with your children and talk about fruits and vegetables, Children will be more apt to try different things.
    • Make it fun.  You can make ants on a log or apples and peanut butter.
    • Allow children to put the snacks together.  Whether it be putting items together or measuring ingredients together, math is being incorporated into your snack time.
  • Staying Intuned to what the USDA says about Eating Right

    • Visiting the USDA food and nutrition website has all types of resources to help you as a teacher and your families to introduce and encourage healthy eating at home and at school.
  • Putting a Classroom Cookbook Together and Send Home

    • Putting a Classroom Cookbook Together and Send Home
      Having your children put a cookbook together of all their favorite snacks and meals will give an excellent opportunity for families to see what recipes they can use that their children like to eat.  This will make the children excited about eating healthy food and ready to show off their ideas.
  • Grow a School Garden

    • Growing a small garden where children can see the process of growing what they eat is a great way to get children engaged in food options.  Talking about and seeing what fresh vegetables and fruits taste like are great opportunities for children to learn about what is healthy for them.

          Keep Children Moving

  • Show them that exercise is fun and good for the body
  • Have regular movement activities within the classroom.  This allows oxygen to the brain and will enable children to function more at activities that are less movement.  This also gives children the ability to focus better and longer in class.
    • We use to call this wiggle breaks and would stop everything that was going on and have quick wiggle breaks were the children would dance to the wiggle song and then go back to what they were doing.
    • Some great activities include yoga, Ti-Chi, interpretive dance, or obstacle courses.
    • Having an obstacle course in the hallway on the way to the classroom is a great way to start out with physical activity to keep your children sharp and ready to learn.