Great Things Always come in Pink and Heart Shaped

I know that it has been a minute from me posting, it can be so tricky keeping up with the tasks that are due each day. I wanted to bring several things to you last week about a new thought that we have had here at ECTC, but lost track of all the craziness of life. So, this week our blog post is going to have many parts to it.

The first part is going to be our new monthly calendar. We thought that it would be great for you guys to have a calendar each month on fun national days so that way you could have new themes in your class in advance. I used to make my gals have their curriculum to me a month in advance, so I am going to add February and Marches to this post so that way you have both and then the beginning of March, I will post Aprils. It will have all the national holidays on there as well as those fun days that you never knew that was an actual day that was recognized days. I am sure that you have seen the random days that were added to our facebook page. Those are just a few but thought that it was a fun aspect that you could have with your classroom.

Click the links below to look at the monthly calendars:


March 2019

The second part is that this week is a special week because it’s Valentines Week! Who doesn’t like doing Valentines Day Week in their classroom? It can be an excellent week for emotions and empathy to be talked about. This was always one of my favorite weeks because I saw such a loving environment between the children and staff in the classrooms. I thought it would be great to add some different activities that you could do in your class based on different age groups. This is to help you incorporate valentines day throughout the week and to add some fun loving activities to keep your children engaged.
-Paper Tape Hearts: This is a great way to teach toddlers shapes especially heart shapes. It’s simple and easy, but maybe a little messy. It’s one of those activities that you need to put their art smock on and let them set in a non-carpeted area.
You will need: Painters tape.
Paint ( suggest red or pink of course)
Steps: 1. Tape a heart or and the word Love on a large piece of paper.
Step 2: Put small drops of paint either on the paper or on a paper plate and allow children to put
their hands in the paint.
Step 3: Allow children to finger paint the paper.
Step 4: Allow the paper to dry and then remove the painter’s tape. You will have a heart shape
on the paper with the children’s artwork.


– Add heart shaped cookie cutters to your play dough or slime table. Making red or pink slime or playdough is also a great way to get into the Valentines day mood

– Cut heart shapes out in different colors, then cut them in the middle to have two halves. Have the children match the colors together, or you can cut the centers jagged to allow them to match the different patterns which would help increase the level of the activity to help all children in the classroom developmentally.

– Take the hearts that you used on Wednesday and add a number on one side with the same amount of dots on the other side to represent that number. This may be for some of your older two’s but still a significant number recognition game.
– Use the heart-shaped cookie cutters or sponges to let the children paint hearts on a large piece of paper. This is a great fine motor activity for your little ones.