Love your Pet Week

I am a huge pet lover. We have three chihuahuas and a fish, and they are like my children. I don’t know what we would do without them. I thought that since Love your pet day is this week, it would be a great time to give you some ideas and activities to celebrate loving your pets. This week could be exciting for your children as they can show off their pets or a type of pet that they like.
Now I know that it would be awesome for your children to have their pets come in and be able to show them off to their classrooms, but sometimes that can be difficult because of regulations, but you could have a series on unusual pets and have a petting zoo come in or the humane society come in and talk with the children or a vet come in and talk about the love of pets and how to keep them safe and healthy.
One day you could have them bring in a picture of their pet and talk about them or have them draw a picture of their pet and them and tell about their pet to the classroom. They could talk about their favorite type of animal and what would they need to keep to take care of their new type of pet. Another great way to add Love your pet week is to set up a vet clinic in your dramatic play area for the children to learn all about vets.
I always like to bring in stuffed animals into small group time and help children learn how to be nice and calmly love on their pets. Also, this is a great time to show children how to greet pets and be safe around pets that they are not familiar with. So many children are not given the education needed to be safe around pets that they don’t know and it causes children to get hurt.
There are many cool art activities out there. So you may take one day and talk about dogs, one day talk about cats, birds, fish, and so on. Then each day you can make a different pet either out of paper or paper plates or make paper bag pets. 
Pre-kpages had some neat ideas about how you can make alphabet puppy chow game that is great to work on alphabet skills.  Children will become quite interested in these activities as they get to make it more personal. We would love to see your classrooms love your pet week activities. Post them on our facebook page and show us the great work that you and your kidos have done!