Top 5 ways to Increase your ECERS-3 Quality Score

The concept of “quality” in early childhood education settings has gained attention over the last few years because current research shows that the quality of care […]

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6 Ways to Support Family Engagement – Week of the Young Child

Parent and family members are a child’s first teacher and their primary advocate. It is important that we cherish that and remind our selves that the […]

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toddler art

3 ways to enhance your Art Area – Week of the Young Child

Art is my favorite area in the classroom because imaginations of young ones can run wild. Children of all ages can come up with some of […]

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Work together

Work Together Wednesday – The Week of the Young Child

When children learn how to work together, and they construct and build together, they are learning as a unit.  They are developing the skills that it takes […]

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