I Can’t, Quit Sabotaging Yourself and Your Classroom

I hear in classrooms all the time teachers doubting their ability to be good at what they do and then carrying that thought process to their […]

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Early Intervention and 5 Tips on How You Can Help

Early intervention can mean so much to a little kiddo if detection begins soon enough.  So many children go unscreened every year depleting the odds of […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week and Five Ways to Promote Awareness in your Center

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week! I thought that this would be a great time to talk about the importance of early childhood education and […]

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Diversity and Culture should not be Overlooked: 7 Tips on How to Include Diversity and Culture in your Center

As I was looking at the different holidays that are coming up, I realized that Cinco de Mayo was this weekend. In some classrooms, this holiday […]

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